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Privacy Policy

If there is any different between Japanese version and other translated version of this policy, Japanese version is final.

WCS, Inc., ("The Company") considers that maintaining information security is an important social responsibility and takes 1st priority on protecting the private information of the Company's customers.

In order to properly execute information privacy protection, we have set the following Privacy Policy. The Company's executive and employees follow the Privacy Policy and handle information privacy properly.

  1. The Company will not collect and use private information unless there is an agreement.
  2. The Company only uses private information within the range of the agreement. It is not shared with any other third parties unless agreed.
  3. The Company takes necessary actions to protect private information in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, falsification, and leakage.
  4. In order to maintain private information safely and to prevent from unauthorized access, loss, damaged, falsification and leakage, the Company set ID and password, strict rules when saving, handling, destroying privacy information, setting firewall access, monitoring access logs, maintaining the file server, restricting access to the server and saving the logs of guests coming in and out of the office.
  5. The Company and its employees shall comply with related laws and company rules related to private information.
  6. In order to execute proper handling of private information, the Company complies with "Personal information protection management systems(JIS Q 15001)" and company penalty rules.
  7. The Company shall commit to update its own compliance program to follow the changing circumstances in the future.
  8. The Company shall set the internal compliance program (execute and planning) for information privacy protection. The company assigns an Information Security Manager. She (or he) shall give proper education to board members, employees and other related parties. They also provide regular updates to follow information security trends and circumstances.
  9. The Company executes an audit regularly.
  10. The Company executes a regular audit against the status of No 1~4. and improves problems if found.

The usage of privacy information

The company uses private information for the following purposes:

  • Collecting private information through applications.
  • Contacting applicants or sending materials to the applicants.

Contact regarding privacy policy protection

Tel 052-962-2003

Information Security on other websites

The Company is not responsible for protecting private information when visiting external websites linked from this website.

March 1, 2014 First Version
Tokumaru Oguri
WCS, Inc.