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This is a past archive site for 2018 and earlier. ( here for the official World Cosplay Summit website.

Having fun at WCS


Not only in Japan, but all over the world young people are captivated by Japanese manga, anime, and games. This boom isn't just reading, seeing and enjoying, it is becoming one of the characters and bringing it to life: that's the fun of cosplay.

Creating a new international exchange with participants having fun within the culture, cosplayers created the first World Cosplay Summit 2003 (a.k.a Cosusami, WCS) in Nagoya Japan.


'WCS' kicks off with a stage show, a cosplay parade and photo shoots normally not available for cosplay photo sessions. This is through projects realized through the planning, organization and management of the WCS.



How to participate in 'WCS'

・WCS Cosplayer Participation and Cameraman Attendance

"We can really take cosplay photos here?!" is a common expression heard at cosusami as cosplay photo shoot locations are often in spaces that are not usable normally. The WCS endeavors every year to find new and creative locations that are attractive to cosplayers. Where is our next location going to be? Keep in touch to find out more.


※ Pre-registration is not required for participation as a cosplayer or for photographers.
A special dressing room for cosplayers has been arranged for those who need space to change.
Ticket are required and details will be announced in the near future.



・Stage performance participation

There are lots of stage events planned for WCS that visitors can participate in. Participants can show off their singing ability in the Anison event"Me singing stage" or their cosplay skills in the "Niconico Cospllection"stage event.




・Viewing Cosplayers or Stage Events

Among the many various events at cosusami the most internationally focused performance is the Cosplay Championship. In this performance the world's number one cosplay team for the year is decided on through performances from cosplayer representatives from around the world. Over 28 cosplay teams from different countries come together for this spectacle. The cosplay representatives don't only perform on the championship stage - they also participate in a variety of other events such as the Osu arcade parade and the Nishiki-dori Red Carpet.




・Countries and Regions Representative Cosplayer Participation

Of course another way to participate in the WCS is to represent your country in the Cosplay Championship as a member of the representative team. Qualifying rounds are held around the world, all year round.


If you want to keep up to date be sure to check out the following pages.

【The Road to the Championship】

【National Qualifying Events for each Country and Region



Participate in the WCS as event staff

Want to attend Cosusami as volunteer staff? Please get in touch!

Please [click here] for details for staff application. (only in Japanese web page)