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To: Attendees of World Cosplay Summit

To: Attendees of the World Cosplay Summit
Event Participation Rules

Note to cosplayers from outside of Japan, these are the rules for the WCS. While quite liberal for standard cosplay events in Japan, you may find some rules different from your country. We ask for your understanding in this regard.


Note to cosplayers from outside of Japan, these are the rules for the World Cosplay Summit. While quite liberal for standard cosplay events in Japan, you may find some rules different from your country. To ensure fun and enjoyment for all people attending the WCS, we ask for your understanding in this regard. If there is any discrepancy between the Japanese version and other translated versions of these rules, the Japanese version takes precedence.


The WCS takes place thanks to the cooperation of many people. It is with the cooperation of Nagoya City and Aichi Prefecture that we can enjoy cosplay not only at the event hall, but across the city. Of course, this permission does not constitute a free-for-all. Please accept the following rules, so that we can avoid any accidents or mishaps.


As stated above, the WCS is a city-wide event for enjoying cosplay. It is being held in public spaces, including the event hall, where many of the people you encounter may not know about cosplay. Please do not behave in a manner that would reflect poorly on you, the character you are cosplaying, or the WCS event. Please read and uphold the following cautions and instructions.



1 Rules of WCS (Prohibitions)

The following are prohibited at the World Cosplay Summit. If you perform any of these actions, you may be asked to leave the event.


● All participants are prohibited from:

- Entering houses and private properties uninvited.

- Entering flower gardens or fields uninvited.

- Selling/distributing items, fundraising, or conducting interviews without proper permission.

- Taking photographs of the entrance or inside of dressing rooms and bathrooms.

- Being noisy.

- Ignoring the words and instructions of the event staff.


● All cosplayers are prohibited from:

- Using fake blood or bruises that represent violence.

  ... This event takes place in public spaces, so please do not use any effects that would disturb or shock young children.

- Wearing excessively revealing costumes.

  ... This event takes place in public spaces, so please be careful not to offend anyone's morals by showing excessive amounts of skin. If a member of the event staff determines that your outfit is too revealing, you may be given special instructions.

- Moving in ways that expose your underwear or what looks like underwear.

- Using authentic public service uniforms and military uniforms (including police uniforms).

  ... This excludes uniforms used in manga and/or anime, provided they have an imaginary design. If the source media contains any actual past or present uniforms found in Japan, such outfits are not allowed. In particular, outfits that emulate the current police uniforms or a derivative are strictly prohibited, as they may cause nearby people to feel uneasy.

- Cutting wigs while attending the event.

  ... To keep the event space and changing rooms clean, please finish your wig styling at home before the event.

- Using the electric outlets in the changing rooms.

- Waiting to meet up with people in the changing rooms.

  ... Because many cosplayers will be using the changing rooms during the event, please arrange to meet somewhere outside of the changing rooms.

- Getting changed or doing make-up in public spaces or bathrooms.

- Bringing dangerous props such as knives, swords, or firearms.

  ... If carrying a model gun or similar prop, you must cover the muzzle, and do not load the chamber with pellets.

- Making unnecessary swings with dangerous-seeming props or pointing them at other people.

  ... To avoid harming the people around you and to avoid panic from seeing a weapon (including imitations) out in the open, be sure to keep all long and/or dangerous-seeming props covered while walking around.

- Using long props, firearms, rackets, balls, and other props for anything other than posing.

  ... To ensure the safety of the other attendees, do not make unnecessary swings with these props or point them at other people.

- Climbing on trees, buildings, or similar acts.

- Taking photographs in areas outside of the designated locations.


● All photographers are prohibited from:

- Using a tripod, reflector board, or the like outside of the specified areas

  ... For the most part, because the WCS takes place in public spaces, the use of tripods and such is not allowed. (Depending on the event, there may be a specified area where tripods can be used. See the individual event information for details.)

- Taking pictures of the surroundings outside of the designated areas

- Taking poses or low-angle photographs that may expose underwear.

- Photographing in infrared.

- Walking around while taking video.

- Using drones for photography.

- Peep photography or taking pictures without the subject's permission.


2  WCS Moral Code (Other Cautions and Instructions)


● To all participants

- The World Cosplay Summit Secretariat and event venues are not responsible for any damages caused by accident, theft, or loss that occurs while taking pictures, mingling at the event, etc.

- The World Cosplay Summit Secretariat and venues are not responsible for any conflict between attendees. You are expected to manage personal conflicts on your own.

- As part of the WCS, participants can use the subway to move between event spaces. If riding the subway while in cosplay, please wear a layer over your costume in case it would be distracting to the other passengers.

- The space is expected to become very crowded, so be careful not to get in people's way with your bags or other carried belongings.

- In case of emergency, listen to the event staff for instructions, and avoid erratic behavior.

- Please acknowledge that many official cameramen and journalists will be taking photographs and videos of the event, and that by attending you may end up appearing on TV or in newspapers, magazines, web media, or other publications.


● To cosplayers

- For cosplay participants who will be using the dressing rooms provided, please purchase a dressing room ticket for one of the individual dressing rooms, and utilize that dressing room to change into costume, as well as have your costume and props checked, and receive your proof of participation. For those who have arranged your own dressing space, purchase a proof of participation without the inclusion of dressing room entry, which you will receive after being checked by the dedicated reception staff.

- Please keep all cellphones, digital cameras, music players, and other electronic devices inside your bags while in the bathrooms or dressing rooms. At their own discretion, staff may ask to check the bags of participants.

- Please get permission before entering a store or restaurant that is outside of the event space while still in cosplay.

- If you wear a short skirt or kimono costume, please wear tights, stockings or leggings to avoid revealing skin excessively.

- If walking around in an outfit that is highly revealing, please be aware of your surroundings and consider wearing an outer layer for modesty

- When crossplaying, please stay true to the spirit of the original character. For example, if the characters legs are shaved, do the same. Other points of attention are arms, armpits, and facial hair. Make sure to have your hair appropriate to the character. For example, if your character has long hair do not cosplay the character with a crew cut. Please avoid walking around the venues in bare feet, and wear tights stocking or leggings when appropriate.

- You must make your own judgment on whether your costume is excessively revealing; your props are too sharp or long; the costume is difficult to walk in, or it may induce heat exhaustion due to the extreme heat, etc. If poor judgment is used on your part, the event staff may ask you to leave or stop cosplaying.


● To photographers

- Do not instigate any contact without the subject's permission, including posing, handshakes, embracing the subject, and taking a photo with them.

- Do not upload pictures to websites, print them in magazines or books, or include them in the movies without subject's permission.

- If entering a store or someone's property, get permission from the owner before taking pictures.

- It might be illegal against the radio law to use a flash trigger (remote controller) without the 'Technical conformity mark (certification of conformance to technical standards)'. Confirm the presence of this mark before using any wireless device features.

- Refrain from cosplaying in one location for extended periods of a time.

  ... Staff or security may ask you to move if the need arises.

- Do not use any large equipment which may get in the way of the people around you.

  ... To avoid harming the people around you, refrain from using extremely long telephoto lenses.



Updated June 2018

The World Cosplay Summit Secretariat