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This is a past archive site for 2018 and earlier. ( here for the official World Cosplay Summit website.

Ticket -Events-


You can buy tickets of WCS events at Peatix.
Let's check below each URL!



Event : Laguna Cosplay Festival
Date : July 28th 10:00AM - 29th 6:00AM (allnitght)
Place : Laguna Ten Bosch (Gamagori city, Aichi pref.)
Price : 3,200 JPY
Event URL :
Ticket URL :

img_event_180728lagucos.png img_peatix announce.png



Event : Wedding Hall Photo Party
Date : August 1th 6:00PM - 8:30PM
Place : Bleu Leman Nagoya (Nagoya city, Aichi pref.)
Price : 8,000 JPY
Event URL :
Ticket URL :

img_event_180801wedding.pngimg_peatix announce.png



Event : World Cosplay Championship 2018
Guest : Ichiro Mizuki, Toru Furuya, and more!
Date : August 5th 4:00PM -
Place : Dolphins Arena (Nagoya city, Aichi pref.)
Price : 2,000 JPY
Event URL :
Ticket URL :

img_event_180805championship.png img_peatix announce.png